The Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils began in 1981, formed by residents from long-term care homes.  Over the years, OARC has worked diligently to educate on the rights and responsibilities of Residents’ Councils to empower residents and improve quality of life.

Residents’ Councils are a vital part of a long-term care home’s quality care, operations and management.  Through the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, all long-term care homes are mandated to form and support Residents’ Councils.  OARC provides guidance and support to Residents’ Councils and Residents’ Council Assistants with tools, publications and education.

Over the years, OARC has been recognized by government and other organizations as representing the voice of residents in long-term care homes.  We have been consulted, and actively involved, during the development of new legislation, standards and government policies, research and education affecting residents.

OARC’s Mandate

  1. To encourage and support the formation and operation of Residents’ Councils in facilities providing long-term care for seniors and other residents;
  2. To assist and encourage seniors and other residents of long-term care facilities to become active participants in the operation and management of those facilities and in the community at large;
  3. To assist and encourage seniors and other residents of long-term care facilities in sharing and consolidating ideas and promoting policies that improve the standard of care and quality of life of all residents;
  4. To educate the community about issues faced by seniors and other residents of long-term care facilities with a view to improving the standard of care and quality of life of all seniors;

And other purposes not inconsistent with these objectives.

OARC’s Mission Statement

Through relationships, education and awareness, OARC:

  • assists Residents’ Councils in improving their effectiveness and sustainability;
  • encourages residents to participate in decisions affecting them;
  • provides a collective voice for Residents’ Councils; and
  • works with government and other organizations interested in improving quality of living in LTC homes.

OARC’S Values

OARC believes that respect is core to quality of living and that Residents’ Councils provide opportunities for residents to explore and promote:

Positive mutual support
Environments which feel like home
Collective voices
Ties with the community

OARC’S Vision

A future where supported and self-governing Residents’ Councils are respected for their positive contributions to maintaining quality of living in LTC homes.



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OARC is funded by the Ontario Ministry
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