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Resident's Rights

Residents’ Bill of Rights

The formation of residents’ rights afforded to all persons living in long-term care homes, began in the early 1950’s and grew to 27 distinct rights.  The Ontario Residents’ Bill of Rights is embedded in our provincial legislation, Long-Term Care Homes Act (LTCHA), 2007, and accompanying Regulations (O. Reg. 79/10).

All long-term care homes in Ontario (including those formerly known as nursing homes, municipal homes for the aged, and charitable homes) are governed by the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (LTCHA). The requirements in the LTCHA ensure that residents of these homes receive safe, consistent, and high-quality resident-centered care in settings where residents feel at home, are treated with respect, and have the supports and services they need for their health and well-being.

Residents’ Councils review and promote the Residents’ Bill of Rights.  The following resources are some of the supports available to provide a deeper understanding of the rights.

Through Our Eyes: Bringing the Residents’ Bill of Rights Alive

Through Our Eyes

Working together, this unique program guides long-term care home teams of staff and residents to co-develop and co-facilitate education sessions about the Residents’ Bill of Rights (LTCHA 2007). The program provides educators with a step-by-step guide, videos, exercises and resources to develop the education.

Every Resident - Bill of Rights for people who live in Ontario long-term care homes  

Bill of Rights

The “Every Resident…” booklet is produced by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO).  This booklet provides plain language interpretations and examples of the 27 rights.  Used by many Residents’ Councils, this resource is free and easily accessed at the CLEO website.  To order FREE copies visit www.cleo.on.ca or call CLEO at 416-408-4420

To view FREE online PDF please visit

English: www.cleo.on.ca/english/pub/onpub/PDF/seniors/everyres.pdf
Français: www.cleo.on.ca/sites/default/files/book_pdfs/fr_evres.pdf

Aphasia Institute's Pictorial Residents’ Bill of Rights

This pictographic version of the Ontario Residents’ Bill of Rights poster was designed by the Aphasia Institute and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  This important poster was created to help ensure that all residents of long-term care homes in the province of Ontario know and understand their rights.  Contact Aphasia Institute 73 Scarsdale Road, Toronto ON  M3B2R2 | aphasia@aphasia.ca | 416-226-3636 | 416-226-3706

Residents Rights Pocket Booklet

This resident inspired creation is a popular method for residents to keep the Residents Bill of Rights in a convenient place for reference.  The booklet can be downloaded and assembled free of charge, using the instructions below.  We remember

Download Booklet Here

Step 1. Open PDF
Step 2. Print pages 1 to 2
Step 3. Manually flip pages 1 and 2 over and feed or place into printer.
Step 4. Print pages 3 to 4
* You will be double siding PDF pages 1 with page 3, and page 2 with page 4
Step 5. Fold your two printed pages, where "FOLD" is indicated
Step 6. Cut along the dotted lines to make 4 separate sheets
Step 7. Stack sheets on top of each other and staple at fold/center

You've just created your very own Residents Bill of Rights booklet, Enjoy!

Residents’ Bill of Rights in Other Languages

Educating residents, team members, and other stakeholders about the Residents’ Bill of Rights (LTCHA, 2007) is a necessary and ongoing effort taking place at every long-term care home across the province. OARC is compiling an inventory of the Residents’ Bill of Rights translated into different languages, to better support homes serving residents of diverse cultural backgrounds.

If your home has developed/translated the Residents’ Bill of Rights into a language that you don’t see posted below, and might be willing to share this resource, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact Jennifer Langston jlangston@ontarc.com x 220.

Residents’ Bill of Rights (LTCHA 2007) Source
Arabic Rev.com 
Chinese (Cantonese) Rev.com 
Chinese (Simplified) Rev.com 
Chinese (Traditional)
With Examples – Chinese (Traditional)
Thank you to Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care
Dutch Rev.com 
English OARC Through Our Eyes Program
Farsi/Persian Rev.com
French OARC Through Our Eyes Program
German Rev.com
Greek Rev.com 
Hindi Rev.com 
Hungarian Rev.com 
Italian Thank you to Villa Leonardo Gambin
Japanese Rev.com 
Korean Thank you to the Rose of Sharon Korean LTC
Polish Rev.com 
Portuguese Rev.com 
Russian Rev.com 
Spanish Rev.com 
Vietnamese Rev.com 

Audio/Visual versions of the Residents’ Bill of Rights
Audio/visual and audio only versions of the Residents’ Bill of Rights (LTCHA 2007) are available and can be accessed here:

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